Practically everyday we hear about a new chain restaurant opening in Sioux Falls.  I think it's about time we feature some of the best local/non-chain restaurants.

One of my favorite restaurants is Zaroty at 57th and Marion (5024 S. Marion Road).  I believe the sign says 'Zaroty Mediterranean Street Food.'  I'll be honest, when I think of Mediterranean food, I think of kabobs and felafel.  If that's all this place served, you probably wouldn't see me in there.  I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food.

I was super excited to find out it was basically a reincarnation of Uno Tomato.  When it was on Minnesota Avenue, I would eat there all the time.  Then, it went away.  Someone told me about these "pockets" at Zaroty.  The way they explained them I said, "those are calzones!"  I did some research and found that Zaroty is serving the exact same calzones (they call them pockets) that I became addicted to at Uno Tomato.

I normally order the Porky Pocket.  It's a calzone with pepperoni, ham, bacon and mozzarella cheese.  My favorite thing on the menu!  My second favorite thing is what's pictured at the top.  It's chicken alfredo pasta.  It comes with two breadsticks.  It's a huge portion.  You can take half home and eat it for supper.  That's what you'll love about Zaroty, huge portions and small prices.

Oh, by the way, they have taziki, hummus, gyro pitas and more Mediterranean food, but the menu goes far beyond that.

I think this place could pay it's rent with my business alone, but please, visit Zaroty and support our local restaurants.  You will not be disappointed.  The staff is super friendly, the restaurant is clean and the food will knock your socks off.

Click here to visit their website.  Call in an order for take-out or eat in.

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