It's what I like to call, a wet ankle Friday.  No more, no less.  A wet ankle Friday.

It's days like today, the five buckle overshoes at Campbell's Supply sell so good.

It's days like today a pair of boots don't sound like a bad idea.  Because today, if you have a regular pair of shoes on there's just enough snow in Sioux Falls to go 'over the top' of your shoes and sneek down in by your ankles and melt.  Yep, it's a wet ankle Friday.

Pic By Sprint Sioux Falls

It's all about spin.  And about spinning out.  While I was taking this photo this morning, I took 'the fall from hell'!  Left side of my back, including my head full fledged, look around to see if anyone saw you fall 'digger.'  I'm going to be one sore pup the rest of the day.

I wanted to get out and get a few pictures of the snow with the S3 I use courtesy of Sprint.  It's a great phone, with a great camera and it's sooooo easy to send them via e-mail and get a few on.

This one is my favorite taken early this morning just outside Holy Spirit Church in Southeast Sioux Falls.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

Next stop, Tylenol cabinet.  Careful walking around today on this:  Wet Ankle Friday.