JD Collins via Sprint-Sioux Falls

Here's an event I look forward to every year. The Wall Lake Triathlon. For the past 5 years Jay Williams and I have done the P.A. for the event.  I like the event for a couple different reasons. Number one, it's fun to watch and it inspires me to try to stay in shape!

All Sports Central is an important part of the event as they handle all the timing of the event. If you would like to see all the results from this year check the link. They have them posted.

According to SDTRInews.com

Kip Kinsley, an SDSU track star, came in and took the race by storm, posting a time over four minutes faster than second place local star Michael Martin. Both Martin and Kinsley broke an hour. And though four minutes separated the first two finishers, only around two minutes separated the competitors in the next eight slots. Can you say sprint to the finish? The seconds that separated these competitors prove the importance of dialing in on every little detail in our awesome SD tris.  Up-and-comer Ethan Marquardt took third, youngster Ike Mendel fourth, and veteran Kevin Mitchell fifth.

Sioux Falls youth sensation Katie Patrick took the women’s race by storm once again with a solid win in the women’s field. Patrick posted the fastest swim time but found some competition in the bike and run. Kimber Pierzchalski and Teresa Van Hyfte  boosted their SDTA points by coming in second and third. Sydney Huber and Amy Bates rounded out the top five.

Congratulations to all who put the shoes on for the event. The staff from Sanford Wellness do an awesome job putting on this event.  It's a great event that you should come out and check out next year! The Wall Lake Triathlon!

Check out this video of the event from Saunter Raven