So, have you ever heard of Seafoam?  I hadn’t.  Seafoam.  What is it?  Why should I care?  Then I looked up some information on Seafoam.  Here’s what it said on their website:

We’re glad you’ve discovered one of the best kept secrets in the automotive business – Sea Foam Products.  Sea Foam continues to manufacture its additives using the same petroleum based formula developed by the company’s founder, Fred Fandrei back in the 1930’s.  This has ensured that Sea Foam can continue to offer the safest, most effective and versatile products on the market for keeping all your engines – 2 cycle, 4 cycle, Gas or Diesel – operating at their peak performance.

So, why would I start an article about the Augustana Vikings talking about Seafoam?  Well, Augie plays at Kirkeby-Over stadium on the campus of Augustana College and Concordia in St. Paul plays at a stadium called, you guessed it, Seafoam Stadium.

My wife Cindy and I have been traveling to games in the North Central Conference the past few years following our son Logan who plays with Northern State in Aberdeen. Last year we made a trip to St. Paul to Seafoam Stadium.  

It’s a pretty nice field as far as fields go.  Nice artificial turf.  Right next to the interstate. Terrible parking.  Not much for seating on the visitor side.  It’s a nice stadium this Seafoam Stadium in St. Paul.  So, why the name?

I imagine that it came down to naming rights.  The company Seafoam is based out of Eden Prairie and I suppose that someone in their marketing department thought it might be a good thing to tie in with.  It probably is.  I just thought it kind of funny.  I was thinking Seafoam stadium.   Wouldn’t it make more sense if the college was that of a coastal town home to maybe the Dolphins or Marlins?

After going to Bemidji a couple weeks ago following the Wolves and seeing Chet Anderson Stadium  which is butted right next to the lake, I thought Seafoam might fit for a name better even in Bemidji.

Seafoam Stadium.  Interesting name for sure.

Oh, one more thing.  The Vikings travel to Seafoam Stadium this weekend to play the Golden Bears. When I heard this name all I could think about was a sugary cereal from my youth.  Hey, Sugar Bear!

The Vikings have had some tough sledding this season.   I feel for the players and the coaches as they struggle through the season with a 3-5 record thus far.  Now,  the record isn’t that bad,  but it’s not what most Viking faithful thought they would have at this stage of the season.

I also know from following my son and the ups and downs a football season can bring, come with life lessons most of us will never face.  Winning.  Losing.  Fighting for a position on the team.  Trying to be a good teammate are just a few.  Leaving Friday afternoon or earlier for road trips.  Maybe seeing parents after the game for a minute or two.  It’s tough.

This weekend while Vikings are on the road, my wife and I will travel to Bismark, North Dakota to see Northern play University of Mary at The Bismark Community Bowl which, while we’re at it,  sounds like something you would see on a dinner table to me!

While we are at the game,  I’ll be listening to the Vikings on Kickin’ Country with the Radio Pup Ap on my Galaxy S3 from Sprint Sioux Falls.  We’ll keep in touch and hope that the Vikings get a win at Seafoam Stadium.

Hey, Vikings!  “Seafoam Stadium”.  Get on that Viking Ship and go get one!

A trip to Seafoam Stadium.   It might be just what the team needs to get a win this weekend!

Hear the Vikings this weekend on Kickin’ Country.  12:30 PM pre-game.  Kickoff is set for 1pm.