One of your biggest expenses each month is your cell phone bill. That bill is going to get bigger.  Verizon Wireless is set to unveil price increases on its plans, but you'll also get more data with the rate increase.

The "S" plan will increase $5 to $35 a month, but will include 2 gigabytes of data instead of one. The "M" plan will increase to $50 per month, also a $5 hike but will come with 4 GB of data instead of the current 3GB. The "L" plan will increase $10 per month to $70 but will have 16GB of data, up from 12GB. The "XXL" plan will cost $110 per month, up $10 and you'll get 6GB more data - 24GB instead of 18GB.

The best part about the increase is that now plans will come with "Carryover Data," a feature many other cell service providers are already offering.

Existing customers will get the choice to change to these new plans and rates, but they won't be forced into them.

For more details on the changes, click here.

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