Headlines are meant to shock.  Or at least snare our attention.  I came across one yesterday that did both.  The headline read, 'Leave Your Charger at Home, Urine Will Power Your Phone.'

Now, I'm no Bill Nye the Science Guy, but I thought, 'hey, this sounds kind of cool.'

The article from Mashable.com said,

Your pee is more powerful than you think. Scientists have successfully generated electricity from human urine, enough to partially power a cellphone.

At the very least, it's a charger you won't lose, or forget to bring with you when you leave the house.

Amazing huh!  I thought so anyway.

The one liners are sure to be coming.

Hey, I'll be back in a second, i have to go  'charge the cell phone.'

Oh, and it will bring a new and more accurate meaning to the phrase 'trickle charge.'

Here's to long battery life....as we know it.