And it's all legal.  Pheasant hunting in South Dakota has a huge impact on our economy.  The season opened last Saturday with about 1,800 passengers passing through the Sioux Falls Regional Airport last Friday.  According to officials at the airport. That's about 700 more than a typical day.

Some come for business and bring potential clients.  Some come for a vacation. Bottom line is this: They're here for the pheasants.

According to the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks in 2011, there were 164,197 resident and non-resident hunters. There were 6,600,000 birds in the pre-season pheasant population.  1,555,307 birds were harvested.. $226 million spent in our state by resident and non-resident hunters.

The SDGF&P say the pheasant population is up 18% this year, translating into dollars for the state economy.  It's a win-win situation for all.  For those here from out of state we say "Welcome To South Dakota!"  We hope you enjoy your stay and come back again!