We've all been there. Out with friends and family and you have too much to drink. Now instead of doing the wrong thing (thinking you'll be OK to drive) or a tough thing (calling your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend for a ride) or the right thing (calling a cab) there's now another really smart option called "Trust Me I'm Sober".

Trust Me I'm Sober is based in Sioux Falls with experienced drivers ready to pick you up at events or establishments in the area. The difference between a cab or this service? They get both you AND your car home safely!

The company was started by a member of the 235th MP CO while he was deployed and has now brought the service to the Sioux Falls area, employing a lot of veterans!

Normal hours are Thursday-Saturday 9pm-3am, but they do operate on holidays (like St. Patty's Day) and serve Sioux Falls; with rides from Sioux Falls to Brandon, Harrisburg, Canton, Tea, Lennox, Humboldt, Dell Rapids
Hartford, & Worthing, South Dakota, as well as neighboring communities in Minnesota and Iowa!

You can call Trust Me I'm Sober at (605) 728-9636 or email them at info@trustmeimsoberllc.com or even fill out a contact form online to find out more about their services that also include memberships (in case you're a regular)

They're even working on a mobile app (that you could in theory still work in an inebriated state and plan to expand to other communities soon. You can visit their website at the links above and find them on Facebook.