There's been quite a bit of talk of late regarding Tim McGraw and drinking.  Or in his case, the fact that he says he doesn't.  Drink that is. Oh, it's not that he never has, in fact he's said many times that he wasn't a real 'beer man,' but did know his way around the whiskey.

I like the answer that McGraw has been giving reporters too.  It was the fact that he wanted to be a good role model for his children.  He also has said that his relationship with wife Faith Hill is better now that he doesn't drink as well.  (no surprise there huh fellows?)

If you have seen any shirtless pictures of McGraw you are probably thinking the same thing as me.  He took that drinking energy and turned it into energy in the gym.

Hey, we're all on a journey of sorts.  However you look at it, Tim took a healthy turn, looks great and who knows how many years of success it will add to his career.  And marriage.