The whole world of country music is buzzing about Tim McGraw's recent appearance on The Ellen Show.  In case you missed it, Tim was a 'little more than honest' about what he was wearing (or should we say-not wearing!)

Pic from Ellen Show on CBS

After showing the photo, Ellen asked if Tim maybe he had them on right there, right now on stage.   When he hesitantly replied ‘no,’ she asked why.

Seems the pants he was wearing were too tight to wear  underwear, so he didn’t have any on.  Steady now ladies, steady!

Shout out to Tim McGraw.  We featured him in a story last week on how he doesn't drink anymore.  Obviously he's taken that unspent energy and applied it in the gym and what he eats.  He's in amazing shape!

Ellen is quite talented.  She has some of the coolest ideas that she get's guests on her show to play along with, check this out!

Tim has been making the rounds promoting his new album ‘Two Lanes of Freedom.’  He showed off his six pack abs in a behind the scenes photo shoot for People Magazine. He also performed for the troops on the USS Midway recently and will be making appearances on Leno and The Jimmy Kimmel Show.


If that wasn't enough, Tim is also presenting at the Grammy's with his wife Faith Hill.