Once upon a time, there was a young man named. Ivan. Ivan had grown up in state far away from South Dakota. A series of events somehow led him to a little town in southeast South Dakota.

Everyday, Ivan worked and wondered if he would find that 'perfect' girl to marry.

One day, he met Rachel. Ivan wondered if Rachel was the one.

Then one day, Ivan said, 'let's take a little ride.'

While on road, somewhere near the Missouri River, Ivan called Kickin' Country and requested a song.

Ivan asked the DJ, 'can you play Who I Am With You, by Chris Young, and play it for my girlfriend?'

The DJ said, 'yes,' and then wondered out loud, if maybe Ivan hadn't found what he thought was a 'keeper.'

Something must have happened during that song, somewhere out around Pickstown, South Dakota.

Because Ivan soon called back and told the DJ,

She said yes!

Whatever your story, wherever your at, goes better...with a song.