Dry conditions throughout the Midwest continue.  Look outside today.  Here in Sioux Falls there is barely enough snow to cover the ground.  Some may look at that as a blessing.  For anyone involved at any level with agriculture know it's more of a curse.

I just read an article today, taken from Reuters.  A quote from that article stated:

U.S. farmers, squeezed by high prices for corn and other fodder on one hand, and drought that has parched pastureland on the other, are cutting back their herds in a bid to survive. The U.S. cattle herd has shrunk to 91 million animals, the smallest in 60 years.


Even if you are a fan of no snow on the driveway, you'll most likely be affected by the drought.   Yep, most likely higher prices at the supermarket counter.

During one of our wet years, I heard a wise rancher from west river tell me, when it's wet, remember, you're only 15 days away from the start of your next drought.

Last year was DRY.  Two dry years in a row could be disastrous to many of our agriculture friends.

Hey, we'll join you in praying for some much needed moisture tonight.

Our friend Dustin Evans sang a song beautifully that plays perfectly 'this time of year, right here.'  Dustin grew up in the Wessington Springs area.  He knows dry when he sees it.  So when he sings, you can 'hear the hurt.'  You most likely have seen or heard Dustin.  He's the guy that rocked the Auctioneer Song on stage with Jerrod Niemann at the Sioux Empire Fair a couple summers ago.

I hope he doesn't mind.  I'm going to leave a copy of the song here for you to listen to.  You can thank him by purchasing one of his CD's on line, or from him the next time he's in town.

It's taken from a recording when he was singing with Western Underground.

It fits this time of year perfectly.