Every day a group called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SPCA, look for homes for animals that have been mistreated and abused.  Many people have the misconception that these animals aren't smart and have no worth.  But to prove people wrong, Mark Vette, Marie Manderson, Rosie Miles and Jazmin Vette-Dal Bello took over 27 years of dog training experience and three dogs from the SPCA and did something just crazy enough to get people to think again.  They taught the dogs to drive.

With a goal of getting more SPCA dogs adopted to loving and caring homes, people at Mini donated a MINI Countryman to help with the driving lessons.  The MINI was modified by Ikon Engineering with the main goal of getting the dog drivers to actually reach the pedals.

The three dogs chosen for the driving class were Porter, Monty and Ginny.


Porter is a 10 month old Beardie Cross that used to roam the streets.  He loves kids and chasing cats.  Monty, an 18 month old Giant Schnauzer cross with a big personality, was surrendered to the SPCA because his owners couldn't care for him anymore.  Ginny is a one year old Beardie Whippet Cross.  When she was found by police, she was very thin and uncared for.

Porter, Monty and Ginny aren't quite ready to do any driving on 41st Street in Sioux Falls, and they probably won't be picking kids up from soccer practice any time soon.  But they did prove the point that pets adopted from shelters are smart, loving and loyal. If they could talk, I'm sure they would tell you they would love to be a part of a family.  Maybe that's the next thing they will learn.