Here's "The Wrap": A few things that had us talking this week and what you need to know this weekend...

  • It's a parents worst nightmare. You turn away for just a second and you realize your child has walked away. That's what happened in Colton, SD. Wednesday when 18 month old Malcolm Pulscher walked into a cornfield near his home. Crews responded with an airplane, horses, dogs and 4-wheelers. They say it became challenging with a heavy wooded search area. The ordeal was over 4 hours later when Malcolm was found safe. He was a little muddy and shaken but otherwise, his mom said, is doing fine.
  • The Sioux Falls City Council voted Tuesday to ban texting and driving in the city. The ordinance will go in effect on September 28th and will carry up to a $200 fine and up to 30 days in jail for offenders. I spoke with Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel the morning following the vote and he hopes that the public will comply the new ordinance and doesn't foresee any problems.
  • Amazon announced on Thursday the arrival of a new array of Kindle Tablets, some more sophisticated and some more simple. The Kindle Fire HD has several versions, starting at $199, while a new lighted e-reader, Paperwhite, was also unveiled.
  • On Sunday, Sept. 2, the Great Plains Zoo’s 13-year-old Reticulated Giraffe “Libby” gave birth to her fourth calf, a male weighing 147 pounds and standing about six feet tall. For now, the calf and his mother can be seen at the Giraffe Barn.  In the coming months, they will be viewable on the Zoo’s African Savannah.
  • Sioux Falls resident's are encouraged to continue to water their trees. If they are showing signs of moisture distress give them a little water. Of course, the lawn watering restriction is still in effect due to low river levels. We sure could use some rain and the Sioux Falls weather forecast is showing little chance.