A massive April spring snow and ice storm closed highways and interstates and homeowners dealt with downed tree limbs, property damage, and power outages for much of the week. On top of a thick layer of ice, Sioux Falls was blanketed by 6 - 7" of snow. The city remains in a 'state of emergency'. The city of Sioux Falls has established a website with updated information related to the storm. Go to www.siouxfalls.org/icestorm2013 for updates.

In Minnesota, Gov. Mark Dayton declared a state of emergency Thursday after a spring snowstorm heaped more headaches on the southwest corner of Minnesota, where communities are still struggling to restore power following an ice storm earlier in the week. Officials said it might be early next week before electricity was restored in the southwest.

In Iowa, ice and high winds snapped power line poles in Lyon County like toothpicks, putting Larchwood residents in the dark for days. The city says they have supplies at the community center for those who need them. Fire fighters have also gone door to door to check up on folk's welfare.

For Sioux Falls public schools, the last day of school for the year was slated for May 15th. However, with the latest round of ice and snow breaks from class, the new last day of school is could be May 21st.

Police say Margaret Steen, 77, died in Friday morning's fatal fire in Sioux Fall. According to the police briefing, Steen was alone at home when fire call came into Metro Communications at 6:23 a.m.. It may be days before determining a cause of the fire located on Duluth Ave.

Sioux Falls Fire Chief Jim Sideras cautions to avoid giving donations to people asking for money for fire department, police. These scams have been reported through Sioux Falls since clean up efforts began. Mayor Mike Huether gave us a great quote: "If you keep doing this, we will catch you." If you see or hear of these scam artists in your neighborhood, call 911.

A New record Snow Event: 20" of snow fell at Rapid City, Airport on Tuesday. This is snowiest single day event of all-time. Previous record: 18" (4/22/2001)

While many of us were hunkering down, battling ice and wind, and riding out the storm, one man somehow find the time to take a leak in the middle of the street Wednesday night, according to Argus 911 scanner traffic. A well-timed icy tree limb falling would have come in real handy about right there...

Pardon me, just playin' through: Friday afternoon, spotted on my Twitter board from Molly Montag@SCJMollyM "Scanner: Woman reports guy hitting golf balls across a street in South Sioux City. Officer en route." Look, buddy...we're all eager for warmer weather but...

Worst Headline of the Week: "Anthony Weiner Rises Again" - Huffington Post 4/10/13

Best Non-Related Storm Text of the Week: Sanford 'will only go where they are invited.' Could someone give a page from that playbook to Wal-Mart?'  - Sarah G.

Video of the Week: Blake Jasper of Pipestone, Mn. used a time-lapse video to capture the snow piling up in his backyard: