Here are the stories that had Sioux Falls talking this week:

  • A Stanley County School District custodian was fired after he posted a video of a crumpled up American flag on his Facebook page. Cesar Zakahi claims another janitor at the school would remove the South Dakota state flag and the American flag from the flagpole every morning and crumple them up and toss them in the school's boiler room. After complaining about the disrespect and nothing being done about it, he posted a short video on his Facebook page. He was then fired. The school superintendent has issued a statement saying the termination was not related to the flag incident. However this shakes out, our flag deserves better.


  • The weather this weekend has people in 'hunker down' mode. Grocery stores reports rushes on bread and milk. Always the bread and milk. It looks like the main belt of this snow system will cruise just to the north of Sioux Falls but we'll still see significant snowfall and high winds. A Blizzard Watch remains in effect for Saturday night to Sunday evening. Stay informed of the ever-changing weather and be safe. Here's the latest on snowfall predictions.


  • The Lions have released Kyle Vanden Bosch from the Detroit roster. Even though he was a 3-time Pro-Bowl selection and is credited with nearly 16 sacks while wearing the silver and blue, his $26 million price tag may be a bit high. Can you say Vikings, Kyle? Wherever he goes, he's a thrill to watch. Vanden Bosch is a Larchwood, Iowa native.


  • Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" is in South Dakota and will search for the legendary creature in a special airing Sunday night at 9pm central. The show's investigating crewwill investigate sightings on the Rosebud Indian Reservation dating back to 2006.


  • Gasoline prices are inching upward as they begin their annual Spring march. The price of a regular gallon of gasoline has gone up nearly 20 cents in the last 2 weeks. Where can you find the cheapest gas?


  • CBS’ coverage of Super Bowl XLVII delivered an estimated 108.4 million viewers, according to ratings from Nielsen. That is not a record audience, and is short of the last two Super Bowls. That said, it makes Sunday night’s game the third most-watched Super Bowl of all time, and the third most-watched event in TV history.


  • If you get a call, most likely from a guy with a foreign accent claiming to be from Microsoft...hang up. He will tell you to turn on your computer and follow his instructions carefully or everything on your computer will be's a scam. He will give you a set of numbers which, when typed in, will take complete control over your computer. The hackers are after your personal information.


The Viral Video of the Week: TV host Ellen sent her writer, Amy, to Lowe's to talk the lyrics of Taylor Swift's hit song to some unsuspecting shoppers.How the heck can she keep a straight face?

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