Halloween is almost upon us. Have you chosen your costume for the party yet?

Warning: the following costumes are not suitable for local "Trunk-or-Treat" events...we're pretty sure.

Let's take a look at some of the sexiest costumes for the season:


I don't think she's part of the Kickin' Country Halloween Candy Smackdown...

Watermelon is back in season!

Ladies, if you can get your boyfriend to dress like Elmer Fudd you'd win the $50 bar tab.


I don't see the 206 bones a human is suppose to have. Oh well...

Nice helmet.

Now where did I put that canoe?

She was not on my Mickey Mouse Club membership card when I was a kid.

yes, officer, I was jaywalking.

Nice kitty.

The Double Mint Twins have really outdone themselves.

Rubie's Costume Co

I wasn't really sure where  I stood on bacon costumes. But now that I see it with a side of bacon and tiger, I'm good.

Just for Parties / Punchbowl / Halloween Mall

Some costumes courtesy of Yandi, and buycostumes.com