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When my family and I lived on Lowell here in Sioux Falls we had -bar none- the coolest neighbor (actually two awesome neighbors-but I'll only talk about one of them here) in the world and his name was Rich.  Actually Richard Williamson.

Richard didn't drink.  But he'd picked up 'The Beer' from a family member on his side from Wisconsin.  Now Rich knew, after years of story swapping, that 2 of our 3 boys were born in Green Bay, home of the mighty Packers. He also knew we were BIG fans.

It would have been about 1997 right?  The year Favre and the crew won that first 'modern day' Superbowl for the Packers.  Well right after the game Rich brings over 'The Beer!'  It's a tall, slender, sleek 16 ounce commemorative can filled with what is now sure to be rank, skunky,  Miller Lite Beer.

Don't get me wrong.  I like Miller Lite. And Bud Light.  And Coors Light.  Heck, there aren't too many beers I don't like. But this one is getting a little....old!

My boys used to tease me,

Hey Dad, When are you going to drink that beer?  They asked and I told them 'After the Packers win the Superbowl'.

Well, the Packers beat the Steeler's a couple of years ago and I don't know how I got away without drinking 'The Beer.'  After the Pack beat the Vikings the other day the boys brought it up again.  It's up in the hutch at the house.  It's up there by a statute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (yes, there's something real 'wrong' with that too) and after the game this past Saturday that 'beer' raised it's ugly head. (I'll bet it's got a rank head by now)

I told the boys,

If the Packers win the Super Bowl this year, I'll crack it open and drink THE BEER!  So now, the pressure is on!


It's been in two different houses.  On the shelf since 1997.

Rich has been gone a few years now. Cancer took him way too soon.  But, Maybe you have had a friend like Rich at one time.  You know.  The one's who seem to 'leave you with something like, 'the beer!'    If you do, you're lucky.  It makes me look forward to this weekends Packers/49'rs game even more.

I'll be watching the Packers this weekend. You can bet that Richard will be watching too.  And snickering if the Packers win again.