South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem expects work on the Farm Bill in commitee will begin next month.

Noem tells KSOO Radio:  "We'll start with the base bill we were able to compile in committee last year.  But, really the key points are maintaining a safety net.  Crop insurance is key.  Getting our livestock disaster programs funded and having a strong nutrition title."

Noem says the uncertainty of not having a farm bill is tough on farmers and ranchers in South Dakota.  "The last bill certainly would have been good for farmers in the state.  They're biggest concern right now is the uncertainty.  When you don't have long term policy it's hard to know what direction that we're going.  I'm concerned because we have lower base lines...meaning a lot lower dollars that are going to be in the farm bill.  We have got to make sure we don't let a lot of the politics that sidelined the farm bill last year be an anchor around its neck this time around."

Noem says a lot of the democrats walked away from the farm bill in the past because of reforms to the food stamp program.