Last night on the Kickin' Country Facebook page we started the campaign to find out what the most popular candy to hand out on Halloween.  We started the competition out with two staples in Halloween handouts with Snickers and Milky Way.

Here's my personal break down of the two competitors.  When I was a kid, Milky Way would have won running away.  The reason:  Nuts!  When I was younger I didn't like them in anything.  As I have grown up I've come to realize that they are pretty good in candy.

Obviously your taste does change with time and as I've grown older I too would agree with the majority of those taking part in the Facebook Poll last night that Snickers is the more popular.  66 percent of the participants last night said that Snickers is the more popular.

We will run another competition this evening on Facebook.  After we get our final contestants we'll put together a poll for the final voting.

In the end, you want to be handing out the best and most popular candy this Halloween.  Kickin' Country is  here to help put an end to, The Great Kickin' Country Halloween Candy Debate.