Sunday was a beautiful day.  It was a cool day, not much wind and perfect for a bean bag tournament in the Lake Andes park.  So we loaded up the car and headed to LA for the big tournament. Then it hit us.  We're not very good at bean bag.

My friend Dan and I were a pretty easy out.  Our first game, we lost to a couple we had no business being in the same county as.  If we wouldn't have scored a couple of points we would have easily been skunked 11-0.  They were businesslike and good!

We went on to play Nick and Bethany.  I'd like to say we should have beat them too, but they played awesome.

My son Tad and his friend actually won a couple of matches.  But in the end they were clobbered by a better team as well.  No trophy for the JD household this time.

Hats off to Brandon and Colter and Conner and the whole crew who put on the event in Lake Andes. It was good to see Sal, and Doug (whose daughter was Fish Days Queen) Brad Svatos, along with the rest of the crew.

I'd like to blame our poor showing on the weather.  Or perhaps the playing conditions, but I can't.  The only factor I could come up with for our sub par performance was perhaps the lack of a self prescribed performance enhancing beer buzz.  Yep.  We were completely sober.  Because it was a family event we figured that might be best.

Can't wait to play again under different circumstances and see if I'm any better.

Probably not.