There is an ad  running on Kickin' Country and all of our Townsquare Stations here in Sioux Falls.  It talks about football being a microcosm of life.  Last nights game certainly had all the ingredients.

Here are a couple "bottom line" moments.  Aaron Rogers was sacked about 40 times in the first half.  The Packers couldn't run the ball either.  Yet here are all the Packer fans (along with TV's color commentators) whining about the refs.   In short, there were over 100 plays/chances where the Packers could have changed the outcome of the game.  They didn't.  Oh, and whatever you do, don't give Seattle ANY credit.

The way the Packers played reminded me of a student in school waiting till the end of the semester to turn in his school work and then praying that the teacher gets it right when grading the paper.    It reminded me of a squirrel who starves to death because he didn't pack enough for the winter months. That's a horrible feeling.  I know.  I've lived it.

Most of all it reminded me that we certainly have to take responsibility not only for preparation, but to work and play hard enough to clearly win.   It's like that in life too.  I doubt there is a coach out there ANYWHERE who hasn't told his players...sometimes you have to be good enough to beat the other team and the refs too.  We  all have to work hard enough to create our own breaks.

Last night the Packers let me down.  But it's September and I still love the team.  Here's what I hope it says on the wall in the Packers locker room all week and the rest of the season.  Prepare and play good enough to clearly win.  Play well enough that it's YOU who decide the outcome of the game.   Seattle may have got away with one but the Packers didn't play good enough to win, or beat the refs.

What do you think?