If you had a big ole pile of money, what would you do with it. Country star Chris Jansen claims he'd buy a boat. You know, with a Yeti 110 cooler to go with it. And a truck to pull it. But really, what would you buy, if you could buy anything?

Ted Turner amassed quite a wealth pile working in mass media. About 2.2 BILLION dollars is the rough estimate. So, Ted, what cha-ching, going to to with all that money?

I got it! Let's buy the ranch where they filmed Dances With Wolves.

Can't blame him. Not a bit. If I had cash like that I'd make that purchase too. According to ABC dot com:

The price listed with the register of deeds is $32.4 million, or about $720 per acre. Turner is worth about $2.2 billion, according to Forbes Magazine. He owns three ranches in Argentina and 15 in seven U.S. states, according to the Ted Turner Enterprises website.

If you've lived in South Dakota for a time, you most likely have a story about THE LAND. Mine? I helped my dad haul buffalo off that ranch. I must have been in 4TH or 5TH grade. But I can still remember how huge the place looked. And he had horses! EVERYWHERE. I'm talking about Roy Houck.

Ingle's parents, Roy and Nellie Houck, bought the ranch in the mid-1900s. The buffalo and horses on the ranch are included in the sale, according to Ingle's daughter, Darla Tibbs, who is married to Raymond Tibbs, a great-nephew of the late rodeo legend Casey Tibbs.

I don't know much about Ted Turner. But you have to admit, the guy has a passion for investing in wide open spaces. And I can appreciate that.

Hey Ted, if you're looking for someone to help run the place, I know a guy!

Here are more notes from KCCR.com:

The total price tag on the 45,443 acre buffalo ranch is 32.4 million dollars. With this addition to Turner’s long list of property, he now owns more buffalo than anyone else in the entire world.