While some critics will argue 'overexposure' most everyone else looks with marvel when you mention the name Taylor Swift.  2013 was a 'monster year  for Taylor Swift as far as sales is concerned. According to GACTV.com:

Following Red’s official October 22 release, Taylor had more than a million reasons to smile. The project moved 1.208 million copies in its first week to reach platinum status, making it music’s highest weekly sales number since Eminem’s The Eminem Show in 2002. Taylor is the only female artist – and the fourth artist ever – to sell more than one million albums in first week sales twice.

What's equally impressive is the fact that Taylor writes all her own stuff.  That means when she goes to the mailbox she won't be 'sharing' any  profits with co-writers.

It seems like everywhere you look you see Taylor Swift.  Advertising, touring, TV.  She's everywhere right now.

To be that young, and that talented is really beyond anything anyone might have expected.  We're anxious to see where 2013 takes Taylor Swift.