Pay It Forward

Paying it Forward with a Free Loaf of Bread
A few weeks ago we told you one way First National Bank was giving back to the community. They are asking residents to nominate non-profit organizations who could use a $2,500 monetary gift this holiday season.  First National Bank will give away a total of $10,000 to four local non-profits nex…
Pay it Forward ‘The Blanket Story’
I came across an awesome story.  In this story, the names of those involved will be left out. The names really aren't the important part. (according to who told me the story)
This 18 year old young man is working at a local store this weekend...
WestJet Secret Santas
WestJet Airlines recently made a Christmas miracle happen for it's passengers. It's difficult for Santa to be everywhere, so a group of Secret Santas (festive WestJet employees) and technology, made Christmas miracles happen.