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The City of Sioux Falls voted 7-0 last night to implement a new law for motorists in Sioux Falls.   The Big Breakfast's Dan Collins spoke with Sioux Falls Chief of Police Doug Barthel in the Kickin' studios this morning.
Kickin' Country would like you to take part in our firs…
Sioux Falls City Council Passes Texting and Driving Ban
The Sioux Falls City Council voted 7-0 Tuesday night and passed a texting and driving ban. Beginning at the end of September you could be looking at up to a $200 fine and 30 days in jail if you are spotted by law enforcement or cause an accident while using your phone to text while behind the wheel.
Sioux Falls Implements New Water Restrictions
We wondered how long it was going to be before the city of Sioux Falls said enough with the water usage.  The Big Sioux River is WAY down compared to years past and officials are concerned it could slow even more.
Big Sioux River levels have dropped enough that the city has enacted Stage 2 wate…
Inventions That Changed the World
OK...the invention of the wheel was, I'm sure, pretty big in it's time but by now we are a gadget obsessed society. If it's compact, helps make your life easier, and does cool stuff – we're sold!
Back-to-school time, kids!
After 3 months of swimming, camping, and, family road-trip vacations, it's back to the halls of learning. If your kids are like mine it's a mixed bag of emotions.