Kickin' Country

New Stuff Tuesday
Tuesday's mean new music on Kickin' Country. There are a couple good ones you'll be hearing on Kickin' Country very soon!
Finally a Little Rain
Ok, who washed their car?  That was the question running through my mind when I woke up early this morning and saw the unfamiliar sight of pavement shining under the streetlights.  Finally a little rain!
I've been waiting.  Lawns have been waiting...
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
So I’m sitting there watching the football game and I see all these commercials for Cialis – and they all show a couple sitting in two bathtubs.
Show Us Your Colors Kickin’ Country!
Our long hot summer in Kickin' Country has turned into a beautiful fall! At Kickin' Country we know our listeners have a favorite fall spot where the colors are spectacular. We would love it if you would share your photos with us!

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