Fort Randall Casino

The Mavericks to Fort Randall Casino
Fort Randall Casino (west of Wagner on Hiway 42) is getting set to close down summer in style with their Taste Of Country, End of Summer Outdoor Concert, Friday August 29th.
Computer Calender is In!
A couple of years ago I was doing a remote at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds for the Bull Riding that was going on. One of the sponsors for the Bull Riding was also a great client here at Kickin' Country. Fort Randall Casino. I was talking with the gal running the booth and she said, 'here, take…
Handy Fort Randall Casino Calendar
Shout out to the crew at Fort Randall Casino!  I've been struggling since the beginning of the year cause I was missing my handy, lifesaving cling on calender from Fort Randall Casino.
It's amazing how reliant you get looking for a calendar in a certain spot during the day...