(NPN) -- Dakotans know how to “chillax.” The real estate blog Movoto ranks North Dakota as the least stressed out state in the nation and South Dakota the third least.

In fact, the entire Northern Plains is one chill place, with Vermont the only other state in the same realm of relative bliss.

Movoto selected six criteria in the lower 48 states to develop its stress rankings: length of commute, unemployment rate, hours worked, population density, percent of income spent on housing and percent of population without health insurance. The higher the ranking the lower the stress.

How Northern Plains states ranked: North Dakota, 48th; Iowa, 47th; South Dakota, 46th, Minnesota; 45th, Nebraska, 44th; Wyoming, 42nd and Montana, 41st.

The most stressed places? The West Coast, the Southeast and the Middle Atlantic States, with sunny Florida the most stressed out state.

Movoto noted that the farther a state was from an ocean, the less stressed it was.