Minnesota...land of 10,000 lakes. But does it really have 10, 000? I mean its is the 12th largest state in the U.S. Well all know Alaska is the largest state but it only has 1,137 lakes.

Well to tell you the truth, Minnesota actually has 15,291 lakes within the state. That is just one of interesting facts about lakes.

1.)  Lake Superior's port in Duluth is the most inland in the world.


Most major ports near oceans but Duluth is 2,300 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean.

2.) Angle Township in Minnesota Can Only Be Reached By Crossing Lake of The Woods Or Through Canada.


Angle Township, the little notch at the very top of the state, is cut off from the rest of Minneosota by Lake of the Woods. It's only up there due to a cartography error that was never cleared up by the time the Treaty of Paris established the United States/Canadian border.

3.)  An elf door at Lake Harriet


There's a tree near Lake Harriet that used to be the home of an elf, who would reply to letters that were left at his home.

4.)  Recording artist Prince owns 150 acres of land between Lake Lucy and Lake Ann.

(Photo By Gettyimages)

Prince owns a lot of land in the area, some of which is prime lake front property.

 5.) Moose Lake isn't in Moose Lake, MN...but Moosehead Lake is! Wait, What?!?


Moosehead Lake, is in Moose Lake. Not to be confused with Moose Lake, which isn't in Moose Lake. Get it?

6.) Water skiing was actually invented on Lake Pepin by Ralph Samuelson.


Water Skiing was not as easy as it looked back in 1922. Ralph Samuelson was the first to do water skiing and from his achievement, it became a nationally known sport. This took place on Lake Pepin in the appropriately named Lake City, Minnesota.