I had special guests Darren and Brian Hefty in the Kickin' Country studios Tuesday.   While they were in,  it didn't take long to realize why I like having them on Kickin' Country.  They are pretty much 'rock stars' in their field.  No pun intended.  Check out their Facebook page.  They put on conferences in other states and hundreds of people come to find out how they can get more out of their acres.

I thought I'd put together a list of 10 things I learned about farming and 'stuff' today after having the Hefty's on the air.

1.  Plant your corn at the right time.  Oh, and the right time is pretty close to now.  We're going to have some cool weather coming up, but with May on the way, warmer and corn growing weather is on the way too.

2.  If you're planting grass seed, plant it during a month that starts with an A.  They did say if you haven't planted it yet, you still have a week or two to make it happen.

3.  Tempo is a pretty cool product.  Not only does it keep bugs and other insects away from your house, it's made from some magic ingredient that comes from a flower.  That sounds pretty green to me.

4.  The city of Sioux Falls was looking for an economical way to improve the grass in cemeteries around town.  After a quick soil test they suggested a low cost usage of a byproduct of the waste water facility.  Mike Heuther will like that idea to save some money.

5.  Darren said during a break that scientists have actually grown 300 bushel per acre soybeans.  They were however grown inside a greenhouse and they had to pipe carbon dioxide into the facility, but it goes to show, even higher yields are on the way.

6.  Keep trying to get better every growing season.  Darren pointed out the fact he has  about 20 growing seasons left in his farming career.  He challenged farmers to 'make adjustments' to the situation and mother nature.  Try things.  Maybe different things.

7.  Travel.  That seems to be a recurring theme with the Hefty's.  They travel.  They study. They ask questions.  Why do they do that in Brazil?  Can we make it work in South Dakota?

8.  If you have moles in your yard, spray for bugs.  Brian said, if you take away the food, the moles will leave.  Point well taken.

9.  I learned that Carry Out isn't just something you pick up for dinner at Famous Dave's or Casa Del Rey.  It's a term that's used in elevators and grain markets around the world.  "I did however fail to ask if they have a special lane for the trucks at the elevators if are just picking up carry out."

10. They reminded me that one of the reasons The United States of America is so great is because of our farmers.  Our roads. Our rail system.  Our technology and 'our land' are an incredible resource.  Sure, we suffer occasionally due to weather conditions but so many of the variables are in place for the US to continue to be world leaders when it comes to the production of food.

Do you have a farmer who's a friend?  If you do, go for a ride on a slow day after harvest. Have them show you what they're up to. What they are planting.  Ask why. Many of us get caught up in the day to day rat race.  It's pretty fun to take a few minutes and ask questions about something we see every day when driving across the country.  Farm ground.  And Farmers!