This past weekend I noticed an awesome picture of a young hunter with his first deer. Then this morning I opened my email and read this.

Another first! Bottom picture, Parker Wilson, 10yo took his first doe Saturday afternoon in Hyde Co., 11yo Hunter took his on Sunday. I tell you what JD, watching these boys hunt is better then taking a 200" buck any day! Proud Dad here and so, so happy to live in this state and have these opportunity's!

Photo by Steve Wilson

It seems like yesterday my son Jake and I were sitting in a Double Bull Blind off the Missouri River near Gayville, South Dakota drinking Coke and munching on deer sticks when friend Rick Christopherson said, 'that looks like a nice mature doe Jake, let's take it. Turns out binoculars play tricks with you if you're only 35 yards away! Let me put it this way, we didn't have much trouble dragging it out.Oh well, it was antlerless! Jake went on to take nice deer over the years.

It also reminds me of the first deer my son Logan shot. Same place, late in the evening, using a barbwire fence for a rest he made a long shot and on last day of the season. He doesn't know it, but I call him long shot Logan behind his back when we go out.

It also reminds me of my friend John saying, you ready to go Tad? And making sure one last time it was true that Tad was left eye dominate just before we headed out. The year before Tad had missed, badly at close range several times. We figured the eye thing out. Tad is a good marksman now. Shortly after, we went out and Tad dropped a doe near Milltown with a perfect shot.

It is about friends. And it's all about family and the stories that come with that first deer hunt. There are experiences that The Outdoor Channel will never be able to duplicate. Experiences that only those that have been, know.

Youth Deer Hunting in South Dakota. A wonderful experience. In a beautiful State. Take a young hunter out when you get the chance!