A South Dakota College has made a list and it's not a great list to be on.  South Dakota School of Mines and Technology made this list of the top 10 ugliest campuses in the nation.  The list was compiled by BroBible.com.  The campus came in at number 9 on the list.  According to the results:
This school could've made the list based on the name itself. The campus isn't a massacre by any means, but the surrounding area in Rapid City is both run-down and not the most family-friendly place in the world. Shady characters abound, and the campus itself is almost like one of those safe zones your Capture the Flag game. And you really don't want to leave the safe zone.
As for the students? Well, at least their salaries aren’t ugly.
Oh, for the ugliest college campus in the nation?  That award went to UMass Amherst.
So, you can go to South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and end up making more than going to Harvard when you graduate?  I know what I would call that.  Beautiful.