Snack time in the field.  Really hunters, is there a better time in your year than snack time in the field?  I doubt it.

I know what you were thinking.  Here's an article about pheasant hunting in South Dakota with some real meat and substance to it.  Sorry!

The pheasant opener is more than just blaze orange and shotgun shells.  It's Dimock cheese and deer sticks and a bag of Doritos.  It's bite sized Snickers bars and Twix.  It's Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola.  More recently,  it's bottled water and healthier snacks too. If you're lucky one of the guys brought a sandwich from home with a specialty meat and smeared with real butter!

Snacks just taste better outside.  Hunters know what I'm talking about!

You see, the pheasant season isn't just about hunting time, it's about snack time and the stories that go with those snacks.

So while your packing your hunting gear, don't forget your snacks too!  Remember, he or she with the best snacks in the field, get prime blocking spot to stand in at the end of the drive! Oh, and don't forget a garbage sack!

Shoot straight and hunt safe and welcome to South Dakota!