Shout out to Tabor, South Dakota, our Small Town of the Day. IS quite a little town.

Take for instance Czech Days.  They happen to be going on this weekend.  Some of my favorite memories of Tabor revolve around Czech Days and the fun you can have in that town during the celebration.

When I first met my wife, who if from Tyndall, just a few miles to the west, she introduced me to FUN in Tabor.  Whether it was a wedding dance at Beseda Hall or hanging out on a blanket in front of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church waiting for the Czech Days parade to begin. They have a ton of events planed for this weekend.

Back in the day, part of the appeal of the parade was candy for the kids, beer for the adults.  (not sure if they still do that, but I remember some pretty fun parades because of it.)  I also dug the packed little bars with the czech music playing.  It was truly like you were in another country!

That's what's neat about Tabor.  They have not only held on to their heritage, they embrace it!

If you get a chance to get to Tabor for Czech Days, make sure you do.  Soak up the atmosphere and see for yourself if you don't feel like your in another country for a day!

We'll add more to this story today about Tabor. What are the best places to eat or grab a cold beer?  Is the Czech Inn still there?  Keep checking back and help us out on our Facebook page as we keep adding to this post!