I'm not sure who was better prepared for Wednesday mornings first snow squall of the year.  The city of Sioux Falls, or my 18 year old son.  At this point I might call it a dead heat.

If you were one of the hundreds, no I'm guessing 'thousands' of motorists trying to make your way along one of the cities Emergency Snow Routes you were probably wondering the same thing. 57th street looked more like a scene from the Rocky Mountains this morning than southern Sioux Falls.

The weather advisories were so thick on the radio and tv and newspapers Tuesday, you would think that maybe someone in the street department might have heard one of them.

Yes, we were on the edge of the weather system.  That means you should be a little closer to the edge of your seat getting ready. This time, I don't think they were.

Yesterday they were out with the chemical.  Now, after half of Sioux Falls struggled to get to work or school the plows are out. That's right, after they got to work.

I know the city is trying to save money, I get that.  But an emergency snow route is just that.  If you're going to put a sign up that says that's what it is, then follow through. If there are a couple of inches of snow on the ground and more on the way, maybe you better fire up something that's painted yellow.

Usually when you make it to a Emergency Snow Route you're feeling a little better about your chances of making it somewhere.  This morning, not so much.

As for my 18 year old son?  At least he showed a LITTLE common sense by putting on a winter coat and a pair of sweat pants over the 'shorts' he was going to wear to school this morning.