Thanks to Thea Miller Ryan from Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus. I came across some pretty awesome pics. Seems they've set a trail cam up on the Outdoor Campus over a deer that died of natural causes. The pictures are interesting to me on many levels.

#1 The deer doesn't appear to be 'touched' yet by the other animals. Most animals that die naturally in the wild would be pretty much devoured by predators. So that's interesting to me. I'd love to talk to one of the conservation officers about animal behavior being different in city limits that they are out in the wild.  I've seen deer carcasses damaged more just overnight if coyotes are around. This deer looks like it's been there a while.

#2 The other animals almost have an inquisitive look. Kind of respectful and inquisitive.

#3 The buck that's featured almost looks like he's lost a friend.

#4 This is all within the city limits of Sioux Falls. It goes to show how versatile the White Tail Deer is.  This deer is pretty good sized and is hardhearted right here in Sioux Falls.

I love The Outdoor Campus.  Many times I run through along the gravel paths. It's an awesome escape from the crazy work world that we have. If you get a chance stop by for a walk through the 'country,' right here in the middle of Sioux Falls.

It's also pretty neat to watch some of the comments on the Outdoor Campus Facebook page.

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