The City of Sioux Falls will hold a citywide election on Tuesday April 8 and one of the issues is the initiated measure to build an indoor swimming facility at Spellerberg Park.

From the Park and Recreation perspective, they conducted a survey and the information gleaned from the public showed strong interest in a public indoor swimming facility.  Studies were done to determine the best location for the new indoor location and a consultant deemed Spellerberg Park as the best place for the service area for an indoor venue.

Residents of the Spellerberg neighborhood objected and referred a matter to voters of Sioux Falls to build an outdoor facility only at that location.  Don Kearney, the Director of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, answered questions regarding the city's reasoning behind building an indoor facility and the choosing of the location during a recent interview.

To fully inform yourself on how to vote on this issue please listen to the interview below.  Additional interviews on this subject and more is forthcoming as the election nears.

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The interview is in four segments.

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Segment 3

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