Yes, it would be fun to be a country star. But wouldn't it be just as cool to write the songs that the artists sing? A Sioux Falls Country fan recently met a 'legend.'

We've been following super country music fan Janelle Holsing some time now. Janelle is one of the people who likes to get up close at concerts and get photos with some of the stars.

Recently, Janelle got on a plane and went to Las Vegas for the ACM Awards. While she was there she had tons of photos that she shared on Facebook. One she shared caught my attention. At first I thought, wait, who's that. Then I looked closer. That's when I knew that Janelle was standing next to Country Music Songwriting Royalty, Dean Dillon.

Oh, did I say Royalty?  You might not recognize the guy when you see him, but you know every word to most of the songs he's written. Check out Wikipedia and Dean Dillon and your head starts spinning;

Dillon has written many singles for George Strait, including:

  • "The Chair"
  • "Nobody in His Right Mind Would've Left Her"
  • "It Ain't Cool to Be Crazy About You"
  • "Ocean Front Property"
  • "Famous Last Words of a Fool"
  • "I've Come to Expect It From You"
  • "If I Know Me"
  • "Easy Come, Easy Go"
  • "Lead On"
  • "The Best Day"
  • "She Let Herself Go"
  • "Living for the Night"
  • "Drinkin' Man"
  • "I Believe"

Strait and his son Bubba co-wrote the latter three with Dillon.

The story of how Dillon and Strait met up is crazy enough. And according to an article in Texas Monthly dot com;

He rolled his window down and said, “Hey, man, I got to cut this new kid from Texas. Y’all got any songs?” And I said, “Who in the hell is he?” He said, “His name is George Strait.” I said, “Who does he sound like?” He said, “Well, he doesn’t really sound like anybody.

If you're a fan of George's you need to read the entire article.

Thanks to Janelle for sharing the pic with us. Make sure you share this story with your fellow George Strait, and now Dean Dillon Fans.

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