I want to let you know the results of a recent concert that took place in Sioux Falls that was designed for raising money for those in need. The show itself by the way, was fabulous. We received a ton of feedback from those who attended.

As far as raising money, it was a success. Thanks to the support of hundreds of South Dakotans, dairy farm families  presented Feeding South Dakota with a donation of $15,886 following a benefit concert on March 25.

Dairy farmers invited the public to "Be Our Guest" at the Roots and Boots tour concert  featuring Joe Diffie, Sammy Kershaw and Aaron Tippin at the annual Central Plains Dairy Expo for a $10 donation to Feeding South Dakota.

Donations will be used to purchase dairy foods to stock food banks across the state. This donation will help fill that gap and provide nutritious dairy products to South Dakotans in need.

"Thank you to everyone who donated to this program, and to dairy farm families for making it possible," said Jim Dawson, eastern operations manager for Feeding South Dakota.  "Dairy products are some of the most requested products at food pantries."