It's high time for me to write about one of my favorite subjects. Money and investments have been a great interest to me ever since the first day of my life that I learned you need money to buy toys.

After going thru the great recession and having weathered scary hits to retirement account values, I think we are all scratching our heads on 401K's and so on.

But history has taught us that 'time in the market' pays big at the end. When do you go in? One wise man told me a long time ago, the time to go in is when you have some money to put in.

Now depending on your age and how many years you have left to invest, you might find this interesting.

You may find it suitable to take part in right now for yourself. Or maybe you can take this information to some young person you are close to and get them to do this.

It's simple math after you look at it. But perhaps everyone is too busy to lay this idea out. So let me put this before you.

One hundred dollars is not a lot of money. Save it every week, however, and invest it in a retirement account that earns a conservative 6%, and keep doing this for 30 years, and you will have $435,557.

In 40 years, you will have more than twice that. And that is a lot of money.