You see them everywhere around Kickin' Country this time of year.  Signs.  It's amazing how helpful and sometimes difficult they can be to follow.   Just this morning Dan Collins of the Big Breakfast was talking about an errand that had him taking Highway 11.  If you've traveled  57th Street along the cities south side you know that at Sycamore Avenue  it's shut down for construction.

Now, most of the times the signs are pretty easy to follow.  As long as you go ALL the way up to 41st street, before you turn East to get over to Highway 11.  Seems Dan ended up going through my neighborhood on Saturday.   Yes Dan, there is a South Harmony Drive in Sioux Falls.

My point is simple.  In order to get people to turn at the right have to give them some traveling time to make that decision.  Sometimes we make that turn too early.  Especially if you turn...RIGHT WHERE the sign points.  Have you ever had that happen?

Recently my family and I were on vacation in Dallas, TX.  I was amazed at how a smart phone  could navigate a person through all the construction.    I might try the Navigation app on the way home tonight, just to see which way it takes me.

I'm sure construction has just about drove you crazy this summer too.  If it has don't worry, it will soon be over.  Then we'll be off to our next season around these parts.  Winter.