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2017 Results Radio VIP Golf Card
Save some green while hitting the green with this Results Radio VIP Golf Card! Only $197 lets you play a round of golf at 14 of the area's best golf courses.
Cure Kids Cancer Raises $325,000
After two days and the work of dozens of dedicated people, the Results Radio Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon raised over $325,000 for Sanford Children's Hospital.
Cure Kids Cancer: Reese Whitney
While Reese will always have a small spot on her brain, she completed treatment in May 2014. Now, Reese enjoys a life as normal as possible.
Cure Kids Cancer: Caitlyn Baumgart
Caitlyn can be seen on Sanford Children’s commercials. She was a shy & quiet young girl when she was diagnosed and going through treatments. She is not anymore.
Cure Kids Cancer: Jasmine Comeau
When asked what they would say to cancer, if they could talk to it, Jasmine's father simply responds, “My God is bigger than cancer.”
Cure Kids Cancer: Liam Dieter
Liam's family believes their faith helps him on a daily basis. His mother says: “God has been with us every step of this journey. He must have an amazing plan for Liam.”
Cure Kids Cancer: Lizzie Nelson
The Nelson family, which includes Lizzie’s twin sister and two older brothers, have hope for the future… hope that one day cancer will no longer be part of their lives.
Cure Kids Cancer: Mariah Matthies
Mariah Matthies was born with Down Syndrome. Then was diagnosed with cancer. Her parents were angry with God, but it was Mariah that brought back their faith.
Cure Kids Cancer: Charlie Peters
Instead of questioning, why us? and looking for an answer, their story is one of resilience and hope that inspired them to ask, “Why NOT us?”