OK hunters, here’s your chance to show off a little bit. We want to see pictures of your prize trophies from this year’s pheasant and deer hunting seasons.

  • Sierra Stevens, Ethan, South Dakota

    After 21 years of being told by my father hunting is not for girls he let me use his 30x30 to hunt for my first buck! After seeing a few deer and missing some while i got use to shooting a gun. I finally went out and took my 5 year old son with cuz it was a calm enough morning and he had never seen a deer alive. We saw one buck all morning and he sneaked up from behind us. I was so nervous and excited he came in rather close so i raised my gun and fired. The deer took of stumbling and fell with in twenty yards we watched him the whole time. As soon as he fell i jumped up and hug my son said we did it. He then proceeded to tell me that i was the coolest mom and that he wanted to hunt with me the rest of the week. It was such a happy moment i was so proud i got him and with my dad's gun and my son at my side made it the best first deer ever!!! No matter the size he is the best trophy i have ever had!!

  • Shaun Van Oort, Hartford, South Dakota

    Well my second year ever deer hunting. I've had two knee surgerys. So nearing the end of the day I decided to bed down on a hillside. I scared up a 2x2 whitetail. As well as saw and listened to about 5 coyotes. Just relaxing on the hillside. I heard a ruffle behind me. Not knowing if it was going to be a coyote. Up the hill behind me was a buck coming over the hill. Having 2-3ft tall grass to camo. me. I bear crawled up and around to get up the hill aways. Deciding to kneel up to see where he was. I did sure enough he popped up from grazing. Looking straight out not at me. I popped back down. Later to find out my father-in-law was out about 375-400 yds. That is what the buck was looking at. Hoping that I was still on the hillside my father-in-law sat still. I watched the leftside three antlers was all i could see. go down and up. I said to myself the next time he pops up im going to shoot. Sure enough this was the buck I had shot.

  • Brian Spurrell, Irene, South Dakota

    6x7 shot by Irene SD, Not scored yet

  • Aaron Olson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Waking up to a cold fall morning the weekend before Halloween, I was not expecting to have a big buck because it was not ruttin time. As I sit in my tree stand I could not feel my toes and finger tips but that did not stop me from staying focus. In the distance to my left I saw nothing but horns running between the trees. I then stood up and drew back to get myself prepared. During this time my heart was racing and I couldn't contain my excitement. He was almost pass me before I yelped to stop him in his tracks, surprisingly he did come to a halt and there I was with my 35 yard pin right on his vitals. I nailed him and went 5ft and tipped over, there was no blood tracking what so ever. This is what I call South Dakota White Tail Hunting. Grossed=168 7X6

  • Jacob Worden, Colome, South Dakota

    Seen this deer earlier in the spring, and didn't expect it to stay around as most deer normally move frequently. Dad and I were out hunting and seen him coming from the south to our land and we got stood up by 3 does and he jumped the fence and I pulled up the gun and shot. Had no clue he was this big until we got up to him! Shot: 11/12 at about dusk

  • Ryas Farrell, Mitchell, South Dakota

    5X5 Riffle Buck- East River The day I have been waiting for all year has finally arrived, November 17 2012, opening East River riffle season. Walking quietly through the wheat stubbles I finally arrived at my destination, the tree stand that consist of 4 round bails. As soon as the sun came up there were deer grazing along our beautiful tree grove that was at every angle in our sight. As soon as the sun started to decline I had a feeling that I will get the "one" tonight, patiently waiting I suddenly noticed a little buck leading the way of 3 smaller does behind him....Not sure why that was but I quickly took out my phone and recorded this unusualness. After recording it, I looked over the top and saw a buck that had horns going past his ears, i knew than it was a shootable deer, I than sat down, set up my bi-pod and squeezed this Remington 7MM Rifle against my shoulder. Seconds flew by and before I could catch my breath, he was lined up right in my scope.

  • Kena Furgeson, Harrisburg, South Dakota

    5 X 5 Gregory County 2012

  • Keenan Henseler, Yankton, South Dakota

    I took this 5x5 opening morning of the East River Deer season in Beadle County near Wolsey, SD. My 1st trophy whitetail!

  • Jason Deurmier, Wagner, South Dakota

    It was opening morning 2nd season Gregory County. I wasnt expecting much beings this area was hit hard with EHD. I even thought about sending my tags back but decided to keep them and give it a chance. Three hours into opening day I tripped the trigger. First time pulling the trigger on opening day. After I took the shot I was so glad I never sent my tags back. 6x6 West River Deer

  • Jessica Goeken, Utica, South Dakota

    I am a 17 year old senior at Yankton High School, and this is my buck. I was hunting in one our pastures and he came out chasing a doe, and i was lucky enough to shoot him. He is a 4 x 6 that scored 170.

  • Art Jones, Garretson, South Dakota

    Wild turkey shoot 5 miles south of garretson on 12/1/12 21 pounds. I was hunting by myself at the end of tree claim when this big boy walked out.

  • Lance Ordal, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    This isn't my husband's trophy deer, but he has been down in El Paso, Texas on Army Reserves orders until yesterday. He had put in for a 2 day Oryx hunt. Today was the first day, and his mission was accomplished.