I've often said it to myself. I'm sure many guys out there have.  Heck, I'm sure many ladies have too.  I should've been a cowboy.

There is something about that first snow storm of the season.  It brings things into a focus.  It sharpens you.  It heightens the awareness to your surroundings like nothing else in the world. You grab your gloves, your heavy jacket your boots.  It kind of gets you feeling a little tougher.  A little heartier.  Stronger.

As much as I'd like to live in a warmer climate, I love the feeling you get this time of year when you once again convince yourself that yes, "I can survive, even in this colder weather".

As for the Cowboy part, I guess its the colder weather and the fact that I got to dress up a bit this past Friday when I was at Ranchers at the corner of Cliff and Rice.  The hat I had on made me look and feel like some Cattle Baron who could write a check for a new pickup even without asking for a discount.  The jacket, one that made me feel like I really should be getting home to do the chores and make sure the stock was fed.

Toby Keith said it in his song...

I'll bet you never heard ole' Marshall Dillon say

Miss Kitty have you ever thought of running away

It was fun dressing up for a few minutes and taking the pic.  You see, I like to tell people I can ride, rope, hammer and paint, but don't always dress the part.

I gotta' say though, "Thanks Rhonda, It was fun dressing up!"

If your lifestyle fits, Ranchers is a pretty cool place to shop.  Now, if I could only get that jacket.  And a roan quarter horse.