It seems everybody has a 'Babe of the Day' or some other gimmick to get you to click on their website. Not us. We prefer a little class. American forged steel instead of skin.

Okay, girls, let's light 'em up. The Sexy Tractor of the Day has a great message: Early detection in breast cancer screening.

Thank you to one of our Facebook fan, Susan Brookbank Chapman for sending this pic to us. She found it on the "save the ta-ta's" Facebook page and we thought we'd promote the important message. Make early screening a habit for life!

Bonus! This pink tractor was auctioned off with NBC's hit game show "Deal Or No Deal" to raise money for breast cancer research through the Susan B. Koman Foundation.

AGCO corp. and NBC

And that's how these pink beauties became the Sexy tractor(s) of the Day!


Oh, sure. We could go on for hours with details about her crankcase, oil capacity, and bore/stroke ratio, But, we like to look at her for what she really is.

Pure American ingenuity packed with pure uninhibited lust and dust.

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