It seems everybody has a 'Babe of the Day' or some other tasteless gimmick to get you to click on their website. Not us. We prefer a little class. American forged steel instead of skin.

Today's Sexy Tractor of the Day was sent in by Chad Johnson of Kennebec, South Dakota. I'm guessing that JD Collins has tossed a few empty bottle in that field in his younger days. So, if a plow disc hits a beer bottle and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Tink!

This sexy tractor looks amazing under a rainbow by the silos. I'm green with envy. It looks like someone "polished the 'ol silos" for this intimate shot.

Oh, sure. We could go on for hours with details about her crankcase, oil capacity, and bore/stroke ratio, but, we like to look at her for what she really is.

Pure American ingenuity packed with pure uninhibited lust and dust.