It seems everybody has a 'Babe of the Day' or some other tasteless gimmick to get you to click on their website. Not us. We prefer a little class. American forged steel instead of skin.

Today's Sexy Tractor of the Day was sent in by Allen Driesen of Wagner, South Dakota.

"Bertha" does not mind being called huge. In fact, she finds it complimentary. She's got an over-sized barn and not afraid to show it. Our 'Sexy tractor of the Day' has got a grain shovel attached to her hip for cryin' out loud! This 'metal mama' loves shopping for quad-tracs with good tread.

Watch out jealous metal vixens, as you can clearly see, she's quite attached to a wagon named "Brent" who's got a large crib.

This simply awesome machine is our "Sexy Tractor of the Day!"

Oh, sure. We could go on for hours with details about her crankcase, oil capacity, and bore/stroke ratio, but, we like to look at her for what she really is.

Pure American ingenuity packed with pure uninhibited lust and dust.