Just hours after a police standoff resulted in the death of one man, there is a report of a second shooting in Mitchell, South Dakota.

According to the Daily Republic:

The Mitchell Department of Public Safety is asking the public to avoid the area around the 700 block of West Second Avenue for what the department is calling an "emergency situation."

An ambulance has been dispatched to the scene.

This is the second shooting incident to occur in Mitchell on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, a suspect in a domestic assault committed suicide after being confronted by police.

According to Mitchell Police Detective Lt. Don Everson, in the first incident:

Officers arrived at the scene of a domestic dispute around 8 a.m. at a trailer home located at 1105 E. First Ave. No. 1. Soon after law enforcements arrival, Everson said, a man living in the home retreated to a bedroom and shot and killed himself with his own shotgun.

There are no details yet in this latest shooting. More information as it becomes available.