It only aired for six episodes, but it left many people thinking this,

You either love it, or you hate it.

That's the attitude millions of people had about the hit A&E television show 'Rodeo Girls'.  And with Thursday, January 9th being the season finale, many are wondering if the show is going to be cancelled or renewed. But so far, A&E hasn't decided yet.

'Rodeo Girls' did have great ratings, however, so many are hoping that the show will be returning for another season.  After all, there are questions that were left unanswered.  For example, were Jessica and Anthony able to work things out and are they still together?  So with the show having it's season finale, Anthony decided to go to Twitter to answer that!

Anthony Lucia/Twitter

As popular as the show was, it did come with controversy.  There were those that loved the show and even started Facebook pages to support them.  People Not Against Rodeo Girls showed up on Facebook on November 23, 2013, and warn people that they could be banned from the site if they don't like the show.

On the flip side, Rodeo People Against A&E's new show "Rodeo Girls" went to Facebook on November 21, 2013 to raise awareness of the offensive manner towards barrel racers AND the rodeo community that this show is trying to "sex up" for viewers.  They even continue by saying, IT'S DISGUSTING.

Whether there is a love or hate for the show, the one portion of the show that many tried to figure out, was the theme song!  It seems that the main question I would get about the show was, "Who sings the theme song for 'Rodeo Girls' ?"  So to help all of those that were trying to figure it out, the answer to that question is.....ZZ Ward!  The actual name of the song is 'Put The Gun Down' and is on the 'Til The Casket Drops' album.  Here's a look at the official video that helped to make the A&E show 'Rodeo Girls' so popular.  (Well, at least to SOME......)